Concept Design & Pre-Production Planning

  • Creative Concept Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Video Strategy and Campaigns
  • Script Writing
  • Casting
  • Project Planning


  • TV Commercials
  • Web Video
  • Corporate Video
  • Social Media Video Advertising
  • Events Video and Documentaries
  • Music Video
  • Steadicam Operation

Post Production & VFX

  • Video Editing
  • Color Grading
  • VFX & Digital Compositing
  • Motion Graphics and 3D Animation
  • Special Effects
  • Video Packaging
  • Voice Over and Music Services

Video Marketing and Distribution

  • Video Email Marketing (V-Invite)
  • Online Video Advertising
  • Social Media Video Campaign
  • Online Video Channels (Web Series)
We have excellent experience in broadcast motion graphics and 3D Animation and can produce dynamic title sequences and engaging motion graphics to enhance the final visual experience of your video project. Indiefilm is fully equipped with 4 Mac Pro editing suits, a screening area, design stations, green screen studio, photography studio, and even an espresso machine all in-house.

Video Specs

  • All Indiefilm videos and TVCs will comply with Indiefilm and NZ professional broadcasting video quality standards for TV. (Including sound level, colour, safe zones, and picture quality)
  • Indiefilm videos are recorded in HD format with a minimum resolution of 720p HD (1280x720 @ 25fps). Indiefilm produces most video in full 1080p HD (1920x1080 @ 25fps).
  • All videos can made in both digital and DVD format for online and offline media.