Digital Marketing

Get more customers

  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Improve social media content
  • Cost-effective marketing methods
  • Social media for business
  • How to produce DIY video content
  • How to engage consumers online
  • Set marketing budget & targets
  • Promotional campaign ideas
  • One to one workshop
  • Cloud systems
  • Support & training

X More leads

based on a 3 month social and TV campaign.
*Data source: Individual client report

X More reach

by our targeted video when compared to photo posts.
*Data source: Managed Facebook Page data May-Jun 2016

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Creative & Video

Commercial video production

  • TV commercials
  • Promotional videos
  • Landing page video
  • Interviews
  • Social media channels
  • Documentary
  • Event highlights
  • Product demos
  • Online training
  • YouTube Channels

% Guaranteed

for the highest video quality and turn around time.
We have produced over 600 video projects since 2008.

Showreel Demos

Here are some examples

Indiefilm is a full service video production studio specialising in digital media for today’s merging multimedia channels.
Creatives and quality video production is where we can provide you with tangible value.

Basic Range

Big value for small budgets

  • Cater for small businesses
  • Social media video ads
  • Easy process & Quick turn around
  • Web/Social media ready
  • Up to 1/2 day filming
  • Motion Graphics Option
  • Basic Title & Logo Animation
  • Background Music
  • Small crew size (1-2)
  • Quality Guaranteed


Per video

Director Range

For a premium brand image

  • More polished video
  • Script or Interview based
  • Creative & design
  • Music video options
  • Optimised for digital platforms
  • Web/TV ready
  • Advanced Animation options
  • Dynamic Editing
  • Medium team size (2-4)
  • Quality Guaranteed


Per complete project

Custom Range

Anything is possible

  • Filming or editing only
  • Complex project
  • High-end commercial look
  • Research & Design
  • Script & Storyboard
  • Lighting Options
  • Talent Options
  • Animation Options
  • Finance Available
  • Quality Guaranteed


Multiple video discount options

Our videos are individually customised for clients. There are many variables that can effect the final pricing.
We need to understand more about your objectives in order to make the best recommendations.

700+ Video Produced

Anything is possible, we create videos from concept to screen.

Video Types

Here are some popular formats

Showcase Videos

Length: 1-3 mins

Our showcase video format is extremely versatile. Perfect for online promotional use. Ideal for products, events, or anything you wish to promote. Visually show the best of your offerings. Can include a host person. Must have for every website!

Commercials (TVC)

Length: 15sec, 30sec, 60sec

Commercials are short format storytelling designed to influence an audience. Mostly very well planned and produced. It requires storytelling, information design, graphics, copywriting, talent performance, and a decent media campaign to deliver its value.

Brand Story

Length: 2-8 mins

Brand story is the most personal way to engage an audience and convey yourself or your brand online. Story may include testimonials, re-enactments, historical footage, animation. The whole story package is interesting yet informative. The format can be long or short.

Teach & Explain

Length: Up to 10mins

Training or demonstrating a concept in a short amount of time with valuable information. Online training videos are convenient and they help with online ranking, conversion and building trust. Training video usually last longer than other forms of video.

Production Services

Quality executions take a great deal of work.

Brief & Quote

This is the initial contact stage, we need to workout a brief in order to establish project scale and estimate costs.

Production Management

Our producers will take on research, planning and communication tasks to ensure ideas can be turned into action plans.

Creative Works

Design, Storytelling, Script and Art Direction


Indiefilm’s professional film crew are experienced and equipped for different job requirements.


Our editing includes all necessary post production services by putting together a story made of footage, graphics, animation, sound, audio and color grading in one video package.

Animation & Graphics

Animations can make a point of difference. It visualises information and display it in an interesting way.

Music & Audio Mixing

Music, audio and sound mixing is paramount to many video projects.

Post Review Edits

We offer post review editing services to ensure you get what you want.

Media Delivery & Storage

When the video is ready to go, we will deliver the format required for your display platform.


Paid media campaigns to increase reach and drive leads

  • Packages available
  • Cost effective online advertising
  • Budget recommendations
  • Targeted campaign design
  • Content advertising creative
  • Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Ads
  • TV Campaign
  • Multi Channel Marketing Mix
  • Drive traffic & increase leads
  • Creative planning
  • Campaign management & report
  • Optimised performance
  • Flexible spending options

Campaign from $

Per week on selected social media channel


Believe it or not, yes people still watch TV. TV commercial campaigns can get your message out to a large TV audience. The other advantage of being on TV is your brand’s credibility. If you sell products to the general public, TV may work for you.


A website is much more than a place to embed your videos. It’s a platform from which you can target, acquire and convert new customers. We know web space well, and we make sure yours is an integral part of your strategy.

Social Media

Social media can deliver extremely cost-effective marketing campaigns. By selecting suitable social media for your business, your message can reach more people and generate more leads. We will make sure your video is optimised for mobile and each social platforms right from the start.


Print material can still play a vital part in today’s marketing mix. Mainly for events or offline campaigns, we can create beautiful print materials as an entry point for digital materials, to gel seamlessly with your digital campaign.


Why should I choose INDx Media?

You should consider: creative capability, marketing knowledge, technology know-how, reliability, passionate team, competitive pricing, project turn around time and a track record of repeat businesses. In a nut shell, we create excellent media work at a fair price, and you can benefit from it.

So, why not?

How do I know that I am getting the best value?

Video production is an industry where you truly get what you pay for.
At Indeifilm, every video job is individually designed and customised for your purpose.

The recommended budget amount is the minimum resources we need to create video at a certain scale within our high standards.

The fact is it takes great skill, years of experience and a lot of very expensive equipment to make high quality video – and these things are always evident in your finished product. Client must be realistic about what they can achieve for the given budget. We are proud to produce videos that add more value to businesses than the cost.

How about more than one video?

Yes we can create more videos from one project. You may save on some production costs if you order more videos with us at the same time.

Do you offer a range of pricing options?

Yes, we can always quote your job and provide you with a range of budget options. However you will need to provide us with a detailed brief. Different ideas, execution plans and expectations can vary the prices a lot.

How long would it take for you to produce one video?

On average, our project turn around time is 2-4 weeks. Complex project can take much longer. It also depends the scale of your job and on how you collaborate with us. In some extreme cases, we have delivered high quality videos within 48 hours.

What is the main difference between the video range?

The main difference is the budget.
Your budget has a direct impact on the time and resources we can allocate on a job.

Video production takes a team and a lot work in order to make it look good. The more complex the video, we need to spend time on design, script, animation, graphics, and editing. Hence the more time and budget it will require.

What’s normally included in the budget range?

We price pretty much everything we need to produce the video within your budget range.

That may include:

> Pre-production Planning
> Communication & Management
> Creative & Design
> Filming Crew and Gear
> Local Travel
> Animation
> Stock Music, video, photo allowance
> Post Production & Editing
> 1 Set of Post Review Editing
> Online Digital Masters
> 3 Months of media file storage

Is there any extra costs?

Your job may require a few extra variables. We can provide an estimate about those items in our quote.

> Talent, model fees
> Filming location fees
> Out of town travels
> License fees for copyright materials
> Special hires, props and set constructions
> Media approval and station delivery fees

Any Questions?

All prices shown are in New Zealand dollars, exclusive of GST. INDx Media reserves the right to alter prices at any time without further noticing.

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